Good For People 

Good For The Planet

From restoring forest to creating healthier homes, the products you purchase make a difference at home and beyond.

Restoring nature to solve climate change.

Homely X Pachama

Homely believes in giving back to the earth, so we carbon offset every order by planting trees. Transportation used to ship orders burns fossil fuels and generates carbon emissions. Those emissions trap heat, leading to climate change.

With the help from our friends at Pachama, we're able to neutralize shipping emissions that contribute to climate change and minimize our carbon footprint.

How it Works

The path to carbon removal.


Emissions reduction is not enough. We need to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Draw down

Forests are the most proven, scalable and cost-effective means of drawing down atmospheric carbon.


Forests are underutilized due to an absence of reliable data. Pachama’s technology changes that.

Driven By Purpose.

We have a deep love for nature, and look to accomplish a vision no one of us could do alone. 

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