Hi, We're Homely. 

An all-in-one home and garden platform. Whether you’re renovating or just furnishing a new space, we'll help you go from idea to reality.

Our Mission

A Tailored Shopping Experience

Our mission is to give customers like you a better, tailored shopping experience that fits seamlessly into your daily life. An experience featuring a curated assortment of new and leading brands, because all in one place is better than all over the city.

By doing away with the overhead costs of brick and mortar stores, Homely provides a streamlined retail experience.

What We Believe

Homely was founded on five core principles:

Be Direct

Peel back unnecessary layers and eliminate inefficiency. We aim to draw the straightest possible line between two points.

Be Genuine

We value sincerity and authenticity. The people behind Homely are real people that want to make the world a more beautiful and comfortable place.

Be Better

The way things have always been done isn’t the way things should always be done. Challenge the status quo and strive for constant improvement.

Be Adventurous

We are optimistic about the future, and know that to get there we will need to try things that haven’t been tried before.

Be Good

The way we do things matters as much as the end result. We aim to do the right thing, treating our customers, suppliers, and each other with care and respect. Optimize for delight, not just profit.

Refresh your space.

Discover curated brands & home essentials, all-in-one place.